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Innovate and deliver robotics for the maritime and commodity industries

Every day around the world, hold inspectors climb up and down 8-12 stories to perform pre-loading hold inspections.

It is a dangerous process, and workplace accidents are common.

OFE Robotics' industry-tested pre-loading hold inspection drones are a safe, quick, and cost-effective solution to this problem.

Our drones autonomously
do the following:

Ensure the hold is free of previous cargo remnants
Check the hold for rust or chipped paint
Inspect ladders for past damage or necessary repairs
Check the hold for signs of moisture or water damage
Immediately transmit inspection video and photos to our secure online platform

About Us

We are a team of robotics-junkies who are also deeply experienced in the commodity and maritime industries. We believe that our pre-loading hold inspection drones will help minimize workplace accidents and make the terminal safer.

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